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What Tommy Does:

* Private Mentor – Tommy serves as a Personal Sobriety Consultant: Advisor / Companion / Coach / Escort ... who provides a strong & powerful "Sober Presence for The Elite Professionals”: The High Profile... Executive, Celebrity, Athlete, Young Adult - Student & Professional -

For the last 20+ yrs. - Tommy has successfully lived “The Sober LifeStyle” both in Personal & Professional Life.

* He has been mentored by some of the Top Corporate Business & Recovery leaders in the world.

* He has worked & traveled with his CEO & VP level Clients & Peers throughout His Corporate Professional Life.

* He has had the privilege to mentor many Young Adults…Students, Athletes & Professionals alike.

Simply stated...

Tommy serves as a Personal Sobriety Consultant to His Clients. He is most respected & valued for His "Sober Presence, Expertise & Disciplines..." These are the powers His Clients' absorb & obtain... then... implement & practice... into their daily lives. These are the Essential qualities, insights & wisdoms that The Client currently lacks. This is the "piece of the puzzle" that has been missing from The Client's mindset, spirit & lifestyle... and this is exactly what Tommy delivers.

What a Client can expect...

Tommy Privately works with His Client, influencing them to become strong & balanced again, to get Back on Track. This "experience" is quite often magical, yet at first, very subtle. It cannot be explained here in mere words...

As this process takes place, The Client becomes fully empowered again & naturally begins to focus more effectively on their Personal & Professional Affairs... Tommy can begin working with His Client... either - in Person or by Phone - as a Sober Companion, Coach, &/or Escort. Whatever The Client requests.

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Common Types of Scenarios

A) The Client's life is very busy & in full force. Tommy is called upon to provide... His Sober Presence, Experience, Guidance & Insight. Whether it be to support them in their Home, Professional Environment, Travel, Events, Other Misc. reasons... or... All of the above.IE: Movie Sets, Band Tours, Pro. Athletic Seasons, Executive Business Trips/ Functions/ Projects, Vacations, etc..

B) The Client is currently over indulging in some activity or behavior which has become destructive to their spirit, character, esteem & life. The usual suspects: Alcohol, Drugs, Sex, Gambling, etc... Tommy will Help a Client determine whether they need to go into a Detox & or Rehab environment or just begin their new sober llfestyle from where they are at now.

C) The Client is already in a Detox or Rehab environment & is about to be released. They are in need of a Private Recovery Expert who can personally assist, advise & support them upon departure from that “protected environment”. Then, help them create & implement a plan for a strong foundation to succeed in their new sober lifestyle.

D) The Client has already begun the Recovery Process, Now they need a Personal & Private Mentor to help guide & support them in successfully creating, incorporating & maintaining a New Sober Lifestyle into their normal everyday life.

E) The Client is a “multiple Relapser”. They have tried most everything and nothing has worked consistently enough to experience any lasting Sobriety. They are in need of Personal attention & support from a Recovery Master who is willing to work with them, step by step, side by side.

F) They are not Drinking, using Drugs, etc... anymore & haven’t for a while. Yet, they are not happy. They are “irritable, restless & discontent”. They are in a “Dry Drunk” stage (very common). Tommy can help solve this.

  • Entertainers: Actors, Musicians, Athletes
  • Executives: CEOs, VPs, Partners
  • Young Adults: Students, Athletes, Professionals

Tommy Specializes in working with the following Clientele:

* Tommy’s Clients' are typically very Intelligent,Talented & Wealthy.

* Many have achieved great “Academic, Professional & Material successes”.

* Often times, what they mostly need now is what Tommy has gained - Spiritual Wealth... Joy... Peace of Mind.

* Its simply their “Human-Spirit” they want back, so they can fully enjoy their Wealthy & Successful Lives....again.

* This is exactly what Tommy helps them re-ignite & experience in all areas of their life.

* Tommy does whatever it takes for His Clients' to succeed, inspiring them to build a strong & stable foundation.

* So they can trust themselves again & be Free !

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What Clients Say:

"Tommy has not only helped me become mentally stronger, he has helped me regain my confidence. Tommy has become a mentor for me on all life levels, emotionally, professionally, and personally."

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