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What Clients Say...

Eric - CEO

Entertainment Industry

It all started when I took oxicotin at a late night Social event while mingling with some other professionals. I loved it. Quickly it became a regular part of my weekends. The next thing I knew I was indulging during the week. Shortly after I went to my doctor for what seemed to be stress & anxiety. Thats when I started with the xanax & valium. Now mind you, I have always smoked a little pot but never had I done anything like this before.

It didn't take long before I knew I had a problem & that I was in trouble but I sure as hell wasn't going to admit it to anyone. I naturally thought I could to fix it myself. It didn't work. Not this time. I simply did not realize that I had crossed in an invisable line. I tried everything but things only got worse. I had become addicted to pharmaceutical drugs.

Being the head of a company, no one could fire me & I had access to an endless amount of resources which in hind sight, only fueled the fire. My colleagues tried to reason with me but my ego would not allow any such defeat. Logically this made perfect sense. As a highly successful Professional, I did not get to where I was by giving up or being a quiter. Why should this be any different? Well, it was. I was losing this battle & I knew it. Still, I would not let anyone tell me what to do.

Finally in December of 2014, after 2 years, an intervention was done on me. That's when Tommy stepped into my life. He facilitated the entire process. Then, after I went to detox & a short rehab, he picked me up from the airport & spent the next 30 days with me. I now have 10 months completely drug free & I am back at work better than ever.

As I came to know Tommy, I found he is a person who is gifted on many levels of life. I believe two of his most developed, unique gifts are his selflessness and empathy. His other unique talents lend themselves in a way that allow him to relate to the human condition from an array of perspectives. I know he was a pro level athelete as well as a business mogul, there seems to be no challange too daunting for Tommy.

As a successful business entrepreneur and ex-substance abuser, I can attest to Tommy's value in conquering my own demons. He relentlessly gave his time, heart and wisdom to me at a time of my life when my survival was in peril. Tommy stood by my side and showed me a friendship & love that allows me to stand here today with a fresh start and a strong foundation to maintain a happy, healthy way of life.

Sincerely grateful,

Kyle  -  Professional

Corporate Sales Executive
Medical Supply Industry

I am writing this letter as a personal reference for Tommy. Two years ago I was arrested for drinking and driving in which I thought my life was completely over. I have been an outside sales representative for a medical equipment company who managed all operations and sales in Southern California. Without a license I would no longer be able to keep the position I had for 9+ years. This life changing event led me to a time of depressed feelings, self-doubt, and self-worth. All my family is located on the East coast and I did not want to disappoint them with the tragic news so I really had no one to grieve or express my concerns to until one day, something led me to Tommy.

I have known Tommy for 13+ years but not personally until the last 2 years when we both were connected through helping a mutual friend in need. During this time, I had gone through my alcohol event and was trying to clean up my act on my own. While helping our friend I noticed Tommy to be easy to talk to, a great listener, and a person I could trust who would not judge me for my decisions I had made. One day I made a personal choice to tell him about what happened to me and the repercussions of my actions.

Tommy has not only helped me become mentally stronger, he has helped me regain my confidence.  Tommy has become a mentor for me on all life levels, emotionally, professionally, and personally. Along with being a excellent listener, he has years of experience and hundreds of personal success stories with people like me. Tommy devotes 100% of his time to each person he works with and helps each individual with all types of issues no matter what the personality.

I can honestly say my life has changed for the better the day I opened up to Tommy. I still continue to meet with him to reconnect to his perspective that is pure and good. I would highly recommend anyone who needs a lift, to address any internal issues, or simply wants to become aware of a true perspective that can help you reach your highest potential in life, both personally and professionally.


Kevin -  Sr. V.P.

Business Development
Internet Marketing Professional
Father and Husband

I was in a dark place. I was in my early 20’s, which, in retrospect, was a crucial turning point for me, as well as many of my friends. Some of us crossed the invisible line into a life of drugs and bad choices, while some pulled back just in time.

I was partying way too much and abusing drugs and alcohol – drinking till I blacked out (often), doing cocaine (or whatever else I could snort), and having unprotected sex. After my nights of debauchery, the anxiety would kick in hard the next day. I couldn’t remember what I’d said, or who I may have offended or hurt. Friends would tell me embarrassing stories of the stupid things I had said or done. It was despicable. One thing I did know was I would turn into a different person when I was drunk and high. My actions and the person I’d become were not reflective of the kind, caring, respectful young man my parents raised. I remember looking myself in the eyes in the mirror and did not like what I saw or who I was.

Luckily I connected with Tommy. We worked together for about 4 months. We met up a couple of nights per week, and would talk for hours. I’ll never forget it - we’d sit on the outdoor patio at the Denny’s on the corner of Garnet and Mission Blvd in Pacific Beach, sometimes until 4 in the morning. We were connected - with the work we were doing, with each other, and with a higher power. We’d analyze daily meditations and correlate meanings into our own lives. We’d talk deeply and openly about our feelings, thoughts, passions, anxieties, you name it. Some might think it odd for two guys to share these types of things, but it did not seem odd at all. In fact, it was exactly what I needed - to “get it all out” in an open environment, and with a non-judgmental ear (and friend).

Instead of telling me what to do, he’d ask the right questions to help me come to my own conclusions. He’d tell stories -- amazing stories, I might add -- that would be entertaining, but always had a moral, or a tale, something that directly correlated to what I was experiencing and made sense of things. It was like he’d been through it all, or knew someone who had. That kind of familiarity only comes with a tremendous amount of life experience.

Ultimately, once he knew we’d done the work necessary for me to be an asset in the business world, he connected me with an old colleague of his in NYC. He was the Founder and CEO of a small Internet startup of 4 employees. I moved to New York City a few weeks later to become employee #5. That small startup turned into a company of over 40 employees, making over $10 million dollars per year. I’ve now been in the Internet Marketing arena for over a decade, with a current title of SVP, Business Development. I have 2 amazing daughters, and my wife is able to be a stay-at-home mother at a crucial time during our children’s’ development. Life is good, to say the least.

Had I not done the work with Tommy, who knows which direction my life may have gone. A few of my close friends were not so lucky, and crossed the invisible line into a life of drug and alcohol abuse. They are still struggling to this day.

The tools and perspective I gained through my time with Tommy continue to influence my life and decisions. Tommy truly helped me realize the type of man I wanted to become, and the honorable, loving way in which I wanted to live my life going forward.

I have “Psalm 40:2” tattooed on my arm. It is a reminder of the darkness I’ve overcome, through the help of a higher power. It reads:

“He lifted me up out of a horrible pit, out of the miry clay, and set my feet upon a rock and established my goings.”

It actually reminds me a lot of Tommy.

Thanks Tommy, I am forever grateful and I love you man. May you continue to do great work in helping others, it sure made a difference in my life.



Kerry  -  Clinician

Medical Professional
Addictions Treatment Center  

I have known Tommy for several years through Scripps Treatment Center as a “Sobriety” Meeting Facilitator, Speaker & Mentor. Through his own personal experiences and sincere enthusiasm, he has guided our patients in their struggles with addiction and their journey to Sobriety. 

He is such a positive influence and a great asset to our program.


Kerry :)

Robert  - CFO

Corporate Executive
Financial Industry  

I can't express enough how thankful I am that Tommy entered my life. At a time I desperately needed direction and help dealing with "life on life's terms" in "sober" sobriety, Tommy provided the answers I needed. In fact, he provided answers to questions I didn't even know to ask.

But that's one of the many rare gifts Tommy has - the ability to listen to a person's story or the issues they may be facing and then provide thoughtful and masterful solutions to the difficulties they are encountering no matter how small or large. And he provides his insight in a way that commands your respect without being overbearing.

Working with Tommy has helped me reach a level of “emotional sobriety” I didn't know was possible. Tommy is the best of all worlds - a mentor, life coach, spiritual advisor, and friend all wrapped up in one special package.



Kevin - Actor

Professional Entertainer
Television / Movie Industry

Persistence, dedication, and follow through are qualities that many agree are desirable, but that very few people actually practice. Tommy does.

Maybe that's why he's been successful in 3 seemingly unrelated areas of life. He was a Star Collegiate Athlete. Then succeeded as a Corporate Executive on Wall St. Then created a monstrously successful “Start-up” Company in So. California.

Dedication, Follow up, and Persistence have been with him all along, and so has Success. These qualities only belong to a select few people because they don't sound "Sexy". They don't jump out and grab your attention. Most people don't succeed at difficult tasks. Tommy does.

He does this with patience unlike I see anywhere. He is patient with himself, and more importantly patient with others. He takes time to insure he is understood, if not he takes a different path. BUT TOMMY DOES NOT GIVE UP.

Lots of people in the field of recovery throw around well-meaning phrases. You often hear, "Call me anytime, day or night". Tommy actually is available day AND night. I've seen this with my own eyes. His dedication is always at the ON position.



John - Operations Manager

Retail Industry
Fortune 500 Co.

I'm John and it is of most pleasure for me to say that my life has done a 180 degree turn around over the past 3 years that I have been taking and applying the principals taught to me by Tommy.  

I came to him broken, distraught, and questioning whether or not life was even worth living. He brought back spirituality, self-worth, and sanity into my life.

At first he helped me hold my life together with beautiful stories of a life beyond my wildest dreams thru 12 steps, praying and doing the right thing always. I am sincerely grateful for the successes and setbacks for which I call wisdom.

I came to meet Tommy at about 2 years clean and sober listening to his Wisdom, Courage, and relentless

Perseverance. Taking in everything he said like a sponge, hoping someday to be able, willing, and healthy enough to carry the message, as well as I was being taught. That is still my wish even today as I will be 6 Years clean and sober January 3, 2016.

My life is a story of a broken family, broken relationships, drugs, alcohol, gambling, sex, and you name it. But the root cause, Insecurity.  Wanting to be cool, accepted, popular with the ladies, fun, happy, free to do and say what I wish, that my friends, as it turned out, was all a living lie.  I had learned and was taught all the "right things to do" at an early age, but those teachings, I didn't hang on to because I was tempted, fooled and lead astray. Such is life I suppose.

Tommy has entrusted to me the mighty and powerful secrets of the universe. The secrets that the healthy, wealthy, and wise use every day. Actually it's really no secret.  I just wasn't willing to use "The Power" that we all possess, nor listen to the people teaching me how to.

It takes talent, patience, and perseverance to open a person like me up to learning new tricks, not unlike most my friends today. That is why I even have friends today because I chose to become willing and Tommy got my attention with his way.

Thank You My Dearest Friend Tommy for Saving My Life,




Medical Professional
Healthcare Industry

Working with Tommy gave me the insight on my own strengths and weaknesses as a Professional. Not only was this knowledge illuminating, but his systematic program to reinforce the positive, and turn the negatives into strengths changed me forever.

All the things I believed about myself to be real problems, were really just of my imagination. He set me right, set my vision. Now I see the world for what it truly is. When there is no self-made problems or worries, productivity and happiness skyrocket!

Ever since I started working with Tommy, I have had more confidence in my professional life. Tommy taught me conflict resolution as well. Now there isn't anyone I cannot Professionally work with, or for, because of the excellent Coaching by Tommy himself.



Anthony -  V.P., of Operations

Partner / Entrepreneur
Nightclubs, Bars, Restaurants
Food & Beverage Industry

I am a business owner in Southern California. I own & operate a high intensity, fast paced business model in the Food & Beverage Industry. Sometime ago, my business partner, we will call him Pete, began taking prescription drugs for anxiety.  Before long he began abusing them and lost control of himself, becoming fully addicted to several pharmaceutical drugs. This went on for several years causing major disruptions to our business. We, as a company, tried several options to help Pete, but to no avail. He wanted to stop “His own way”.

As the situation worsened, I put a call in to Tommy to ask for his Time & Expertise in solving this matter. Tommy and I met and he broke down a strategy for us to help Pete. Tom was very respectful and professional. He explained, to me, his years of experience dealing with these issues. After our meeting, I felt very comfortable moving forward and I actually was so relieved that we were finally going to get Pete the real help he needed!

The first thing we did was to call a close knit group of Pete’s family and friends and explain the situation to them. Tommy and I asked his father and best friend to come to Southern California to have an intervention with Pete. The way Tommy was able to explain Pete’s situation to his father and best friend was amazing to me. The interpersonal skills that he possessed and the calming and reassuring manner in which he explained such a sensitive and sometimes scary situation to Pete’s closest people, blew me away.

Once Pete’s father and best friend arrived, Tommy had us all sit down and plan a strategy to get Pete alone to have this intervention. He told us everything we needed to do and say to reassure Pete it was going to be ok. We were all very confident after this strategy meeting, because it was very evident that Tommy knew exactly what to do and how to execute this plan.

The next day, Tommy took us all to Pete’s Home and made sure that he was alone. We sat him down and via Tommy’s plan, Pete’s father, told him that he needed to go to rehab and that everything was going to be taken care of and everything was going to be ok.

Tommy talked with Pete one on one and reassured him that he would be there for him throughout the whole process. Pete agreed to go. I truly believe that Tommy’s reassurance to Pete was the deciding factor for him. Tommy told Pete that he would drive him to the airport and then pick him up immediately upon his return from his stay in rehab.

Pete went to rehab for 30 days and while he was gone, Tommy did whatever was asked of him to make sure that Pete’s affairs were in order so that when Pete got back he would feel confident and comfortable in his environment.

A month later, Tommy picked Pete up from the airport when he arrived back in Southern California. He became his “Sober Companion” & for the next 30 days straight, spent countless hours with him at Work, Home, Social & Business Events, The Gym, & on the Golf course (esp.) providing him with the personal & private support Pete needed. He also introduced him to other “Sober” Professionals. Tommy has continued to be his “Sober Coach”, spiritual advisor & friend to this day.

It’s been 11 months now. Pete has resumed his duties as President of the company & is doing great! He’s back to the real “Pete”, the respected Professional he always was before this whole ordeal began.

I truly believe that without Tommy’s help Pete might still be struggling with his addiction or even worse. The job that Tommy did is priceless and I appreciate him so much. If anyone out there is in need of help and wants an experienced, discreet, & Professional “Sober Companion”, Tommy is your guy!


Extremely appreciative and relieved Business Partner!

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What Clients Say:

"Tommy has not only helped me become mentally stronger, he has helped me regain my confidence. Tommy has become a mentor for me on all life levels, emotionally, professionally, and personally."

Kyle, Medical Supply Industry


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