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One of Tommy's greatest gifts is the power of His "Sober Presence". This naturally provides His Clients' the strength & inspiration they need, at any given time during the day, to be most effective & productive in carrying out their Professional duties.

Tommy is very easy to be around. He is in Recovery himself. He’s been a High Level Executive, a High Profile Athlete and a Young Adult at College & in early Professional life. Thus, He has experienced the pressures in these specific environments. He knows what it’s like to walk in His Clients shoes & naturally fits right into their Lifestyle.

This brings an essential level of comfortability to His Clients. This is what he is most known & valued for..

* Tommy travels Globally to meet his Clients needs & lifestyle... 24/7 *

He will tailor any plan that will best fit His Clients particular situation & needs... Here are some general ways...

Sober Companion - 24/7

A) Discreet Sober Companion - providing his Clients' with a strong "Sober Presence"... while quietly accompanying them on - Executive Business Travel / Projects / Events, Movie Sets, Band Tours, Athletic Seasons, Personal Vacations, etc...

B) Tommy will come & stay with His Client at their home or at a nearby hotel. Whatever is best for The Client. For however long or short it takes for His Client to build some strong Recovery time, get grounded & ignite their Spirit again. He will be with them at Home, the Office, Business Meetings/Functions, on the Movie Set, etc...

"While Tommy is a very well respected Professional, He is also one of the most personal, genuine & authentic people you will ever meet & work with." This is why His Clients say He is an ideal Sober Companion. Plain & simple!

Sober Coach

Tommy is in contact with His Client like a friend in recovery or at work would be. Daily, every other day, a couple of times a week. Whatever works & is comfortable. Tommy will know. They will discuss…work, relationships, thoughts, ideas, memories…whatever is happening.

It is essential to have a friend & advisor to talk with like this. Someone who knows you, isn’t going to judge you, is “a closed mouth friend”, discreet & confidential. Someone who You can finally trust and confide in. This is one of the traits Tommy is best known for & what His Clients seem to value the most.

Sober Escort

Tommy travels with His Client. “Wherever” they have to go. Whether Business or Personal. Anytime. Anywhere. For whatever reason. Tommy will cater to His Client’s specific Lifestyle. Pretty simple.

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What Clients Say:

"Tommy has not only helped me become mentally stronger, he has helped me regain my confidence. Tommy has become a mentor for me on all life levels, emotionally, professionally, and personally."

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