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* Sobriety Date - May 10, 1992 - 23+ years… Clean & Sober, Healthy, Wealthy, Successful... Free *

Personal & Professional Life Experiences: H.S. Star Athlete, Collegiate Scholarship Athlete, H.S Baseball Coach & Teacher, Substance Abuse Counselor, Professional Recovery Master, Corporate Executive, Entrepreneur, Private Investor, Private Mentor, Professional Speaker

Tommy's Story

The Beginning of the End ... at age 18 ... Tommy seems to have a bright future ahead of him..

* All-State High School Athlete - Captain - Ranked in “Top 100 H.S. Baseball Recruits in America.” Collegiate Full Scholarship Athlete - S.E.C. - Louisiana then Ole Miss – career ends with elbow injury – Substance Abuse takes over – full time – eventually fails out of college.

* Entrepreneur – President of 1st Company – Substance Abuse eventually over powers Tommy. All is lost... 1st “Spirit” then “Self” then “Business”.

* Tommy enters 1st Detox & then Re-Hab. Treatment works 100% but Tommy doesn’t follow Recovery Plan. He tries to do it on his own. Goes back to work. Then Relapses within 80 days & gets fired.

* Tommy enters 2nd Re-Hab. It works. This time he listens: seeks a Private Sober Coach & Mentor, follows His suggestions & begins a “Sober Lifestyle” building self-esteem, self-trust, self-worth, confidence & character again. His “Spirit” is re-ignited & alive again.

1st Year of new “Sober LifeStyle”

Tommy continues Practicing His Mentors Principles & Disciplines in all His affairs

Playing Basketball & Baseball again, becoming a Substitute Teacher & Coach while going back to school at night to finish College.

* Undergraduate Degree - Bachelors of Science – Business Mgmt./Psych.- Completed

* Teacher / Coach – High School Baseball – 1st season, winningest record in the school’s history. Tommy naturally begins to Privately Mentor several teenagers on His team who are abusing Drugs & Alcohol. Unbeknown to Tommy, their parents begin to write letters to the schools Board of Education to tell them “how their Sons’ lives have turned around…”. At the end of the season, they give copies of the letters to Tommy. He is shocked. Realizing it must be His calling, He pursues the best Training & Employment opportunity available to build a Professional career in “The Recovery Field.”

2nd – 5th Years of “Sober Lifestyle”

Professional Career in The Recovery Field

* Substance Abuse Counselor – Residential Addictions Re-Hab – Tommy gets lucky & lands his 1st Professional Training Experience with a Recovery Co. that is introducing a New Model to the state & the country. It is the first of its kind & has a huge contract with the Government. The Company has recruited the most respected Recovery & Correctional Professionals in the nation as its Staff.

* Graduate Work – M.S.W.- at NYU – Pursues Master’s Degree at night in NYC

* Shift Supervisor – Promoted after 10 months to Mgmt. Personally Mentored by 5 Masters of Recovery

* Supervisor of Operations – Promoted to Head Supervisor, Trainer & Disciplinarian to 10 staff & 152 residents.

Tommy coaches several hundred Clients on How to Create, Live, Enjoy...then Maintain...a successful Life in Recovery.

Then, after 4 years, Tommy realizes there is no more growth at the company nor in the Recovery Field. He has topped out both in mgmt. & compensation levels. He realizes this experience has created great value for Him but He is not maximizing His true Income potential. He pursues a new corporate career on Wall St. in Business & Finance but instead is lead to the 1st “Internet Service Provider” (ISP) just before the “dotcom” era emerges. Tommy’s Corporate Business career is about to take off.

6th-10th Years of “Sobriety Lifestyle”

Corporate America Career – Executive

Tommy is Mentored by some of the Top Corporate Business leaders in the world.

* Internet eBusiness Solutions - Fortune 500 Co. Madison Ave., NYC He begins working & traveling with his CEO & VP Executive Level Clients.

* Internet eBusiness Solutions – Fortune 100 Co. Wall St., NYC

* Internet eBusiness Solutions – Fortune 100 Co. Spear St., San Francisco, CA. He begins to Mentor other Professionals, in and out of the workplace.

* Internet eBusiness Solutions – “Start-up” Co. La Jolla, CA. The “Dotcom” bubble bursts...Tommy’s Professional Life takes a turn.

11th-20th Years of “Sobriety Life”

Private Businessman – Entrepreneur – Private Investor

Tommy begins to live the same Lifestyle that his CEO & VP Executive Clients live.

* CEO, President – “Start-up” San Diego, CA.

Tommy notices a need in His marketplace, identifies a niche, secures the best location, creates a theme, finds financing & opens a New Business Model in Pacific Beach, California. He then builds a staff of Young Adults to drive this “Start-up” Concept. They are made up of College Students, Athletes & Professionals ranging from ages 18-30 years old. He Interviews, Hires, Trains, Manages and Coaches them with all He has learned from his past successes in both Personal & Professional Life.

Unintentionally, He begins using this Business Model as a Mentoring platform to personally encourage & influence these Young Adults to reach their highest potential & succeed on their own Life path. Teaching, Developing, then Incorporating their Highest Character traits while in this Business Models environment.

The Business takes off like wildfire. The years fly by as many Young Adults grow Professionally & expand out into the world taking a leap in creating their own career path. After 10 years, Tommy hands the Business over to His Top Employees to prosper & run for themselves.

* Private Investor – Real-Estate, New “Start-up” ventures, People.

* Private Mentor – Tommy serves as a Personal Consultant: Advisor / Companion / Coach / Escort To “The Elite Professionals”: The Executive, Entertainer, Athlete, Young Adult - Student or Professional ... smoothly incorporating His Clients Personal & Business Lives successfully into a productive “Sober Lifestyle”.

* Speaker - Tommy has been the main Speaker at 100s’ of Recovery type Facilities, Meetings, Panels, & Functions.

For the last 20+ years...

Tommy has successfully lived “The Sober LifeStyle” Both in Personal & Professional Life.

He has been Mentored by some of the Top Corporate Business & Recovery leaders in the world.

He has always worked & traveled with his CEO & VP level Clients throughout His Corporate Professional Life.

He has had the privilege to Mentor many Young Adults…Students, Athletes & Professionals alike.

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